is Hezi Tenenboim!

I write: popular-science articles | blog posts | guides and product descriptions | lab portfolios and website content.

I proofread and edit: manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals | letters to the editor | theses | protocols | reports | presentations | grant proposals + everything under "I write".

Hezi Tenenboim, PhD | Based in Berlin, Germany | Doctor of biology | Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Potsdam, Germany | Academic writer and editor since 2009 | Published (own articles) in Cell, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, Trends in Plant Science, BMC Plant Biology, PLoS Genetics, Molecular Plant, Biochimie, ACS Synthetic Biology, Current Opinion in Chemical Biology.


+49 176 830 94 838

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Pricing principles

- Affordable and fair.

- Decisive stance against "pricing plans". Why should you be forced to opt for reduced quality in order to save a few cents?

- A price estimation is given beforehand. Final price depends on level of editing or research needed.

- Detailed breakdown of the price is always given.


As of December 2018

48 articles and documents written
237 academic texts proofread and edited

121 unique clients
Of which: 17 clients with more than one job
Clients come from 16 nations and from 81 institutions

Each text for editing had on average 5,226 words and 865 revisions
Most common revision: deleting and inserting the word the
Average price per edited document: 273€

Why have dozens of clients trusted me with their scientific work in the past several years?

Using an independent proofreader is superior to using a large commercial editing company in many ways.

I may be a tad biased, but working closely with such companies has taught me what to expect:

Hundreds of nameless, underpaid, disgruntled freelancers with zero loyalty to the company or client and with skyrocketing turnover; complex, bureaucratic support, full with abbreviations, tickets and request submissions; pricing plans that practically guarantee inferior service for any plan below the premium one; robotic editing, ignoring specific situations and needs; excessive politeness, preferring to keep a client appeased over implying that radical changes are needed.

I do things differently. Just look at the examples. Without any business platform I was able to gain dozens of loyal clients by word-of-mouth. I treat each document as if my own career depended on it. Having reviewed dozens of manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals, I think like a reviewer when editing and I don't spare criticism.

Being a published scientist, I know the system—its inner workings, limitations, shortcomings; the things you can write and the ones you can't; and what's expected of you as an author in 2018. Language and writing flaws should not stand in your way to publishing.

Have you noticed that I write, too? Journal editors and former clients describe my style as "razor-sharp and staggeringly lucid". I am joyfully versatile, smoothly gliding between topics and modes and excellent at researching a subject. I've written deeply technical reviews alongside borderline copyediting, all on the same week!

I'd love to help you with your next project.

Hezi Tenenboim

PS. Texarkana (without 't'!) is the name of two American cities that lie side-by-side on the border between Texas and Arkansas!

More PS. My PhD in biology has never precluded me from editing and writing articles of any scientific discipline whatsoever! I've edited articles in psychology, international relations, linguistics. If I can't handle a topic, you can trust that I'll tell you before I start.

Textarkana | Berlin | Germany

hezi@textarkana.com | +49 176 830 94 838